You will be watching ONE episode of one of the

You will be watching ONE episode of one of the CSI series. The following series/episodes are allowable: 

CSI: Las Vegas, Season 1, Episodes 1-3 (2000) 

CSI: Miami, Season 1, Episodes 2 or 3 

CSI: NY, Season 1, Episodes 1-3

The television review is an exercise describing your reaction to the forensic science presented in the television episode you have just watched. It should include a summary of the plot, characters and events, and a critical assessment of the major forensic issues covered in the episode. This critical assessment will include a critique of two pieces of forensic evidence that were examined, how they were examined, and whether or not this is true to how that type of forensic evidence is examined in the real world.

3 typed pages double spaced in APA format.

Note that the summary of the episode is a small fraction of your overall grade on this assignment and should be kept to 1-1.5 pages of your overall submission. 

The focus of your writing needs to be on the two piece of physical evidence (hair, fingerprints, etc.) (approximately 1 page each. For each piece of physical evidence you chose to discuss, aside from naming the item, your discussion should include: 

  • How it was analyzed in the episode (give details)
  • How it would be analyzed in a real forensic science laboratory (give details)
  • The similarities and differences between the show and real laboratory; do not just state that they are the same you have to provide the how.    

While you can discuss in your conclusions procedural issues in the episode (crime scene investigator/scientists on the scene doing police investigation like interviews, improper collection of evidence, etc.), you must describe two pieces of physical evidence to critique (hair, fingerprints, etc.) to meet the requirements for this assignment.

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