You may have heard the phrase that writing is rewriting. It is important to recognize opportunities to fine-tune ideas, to further consider the research, and to become more aware of how to communicate with and persuade readers.

This week you will examine your rough draft and complete an activity to assess your work to revise it to make it stronger and more meaningful. You’ll also read Ch. 18 of Research Matters, which covers revision and gaining perspective.

Write a response to the following in a minimum of 150 words:

  • What did you learn or re-learn about revision this week from the text or any learning activities? What areas of your writing do you feel are strengths? Which areas could use some improvement?
  • Discuss the most important takeaways you got about plagiarism.
  • Finally, what are the biggest challenges you are having with integrating your research and using APA formatting? What tools and resources have you found that are helpful? 

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