You have recently been appointed as an executive of a

You have recently been appointed as an executive of a company (Apple Inc) with extensive global manufacturing and distribution operations. Your board has asked you to prepare a strategic transportation plan that demonstrates increased customer service with lower total transportation costs. You have decided that the structure of your project will be as follow:

1) Background to the company (Apple Inc)

2) Detailed description of current transportation activities, showing global inbound and outbound transportation networks across different modes of transport.

3) Current costs of transportation and investment in transportation assets

4) Current transportation systems

5) Opportunities for cost reductions / service improvements in inbound / outbound transportation activities. Consider systems upgrades, outsourcing activities, changes in modes, consolidation, route improvements, etc. Use the full range of approaches learnt on this course for achieving your stated transport specific cost reduction / service improvement goals.

6) Table the risks for each of your recommendations and the risk mitigation strategy you would use

Company: Apple Inc (
Prepare a PowerPoint presentation 10 pages 

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