You are task with troubleshooting a piece of equipment and

You are task with troubleshooting a piece of equipment and reporting your findings in a systematic way for all to understand. The equipment you select can be work related or personal equipment. You must create a PowerPoint presentation and formal written report explaining your troubleshooting process, conclusion and recommended solution. 

Presentation Description

Using Microsoft PowerPoint software and photos design a troubleshooting analysis presentation that explains your systematic troubleshooting process to the class. The objective is to present the problem and the facts to allow the class to form their own assumption then reveal your findings. 

Presentation Outline:

​1. Overview 

​2. Background Information

​3. Initial Assumptions

​4. Troubleshooting Steps (Systematic Analysis)

​5. Solutions to the problem

Formal Report Format

Using the formalized failure report outline on pages 578 -579 create a formal report that reflects your troubleshooting analysis presentation. This formal written report is due on the last day of the course.

Written Report Outline:

​1. Overview

​2. Background information and/or summary of events

​3. Failure Analysis

​4. Conclusion

​5. Recommendations

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