You are hired as Sr. Salesforce Admin – Service Cloud

You are hired as Sr. Salesforce Admin – Service Cloud at Snowflake computing. 

Challenge # 2: Shifting Security Responsibilities

Since the main task of the hybrid model requires putting in place controls around perimeter security, infrastructure, and virtualization that shift to cloud providers in a public cloud ecosystem, the understanding of this changing security shared responsibility model is vital. And is, therefore, another name that adds to the list of Cloud Security Challenges in 2022.

Since hybrid models lack a clearly defined responsibility assignment matrix, the operating model in a hybrid cloud ecosystem sometimes gives leeway for unmitigated threats and unaddressed capabilities that in turn, prevent the organization from scaling businesses. 

How would you shift security responsibilities at Snowflake? 

(2pages, 2-3 APA citations & references, 3-4 paragraphs per page, and bold & underlined subtitles)

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