Write two paragraphes for this question.

-In the first paragraph, examine the world around you. Search online for your local news website and locate a story where you believe an ethical dilemma is going on. Please keep this story local and not national news. Briefly explain the story, the ethical dilemma you identified, and how you think it can be resolved. Include a link to your story in your initial post

In the second paragraph, you should give your opinion on whether being an effective critical thinker makes decision making easier or more challenging. Talk about concrete decisions you had to or will have to make. Justify your response. Consider the following statement: “The major difference between a successful person and one who is not successful is that the successful person, over time, tends to make better decisions than the less successful person.” Discuss whether you believe this statement to be true. Explain the fundamental ways in which effectively applying critical-thinking concepts has helped you to become more successful.

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