Write a summary of this article “How the Moderna Vaccine Works (Links to an external site.)” written by Jonathan Corum and Carl Zimmer in the New York Times (Jan 21, 2021). (Total of 35 points) 


  • Make sure your summary goes over the following:
    • Does it explain what makes up the Moderna vaccine? (5 points)
    • Does it explain how the Moderna vaccine gets expressed in cells? (5 points)
    • Does it explain how the immune system works to make antibodies and killer T cells to fight a possible future coronavirus infection? (10 points)
    • Does it explain how your body remembers the virus? (3 points)
    • Does it explain how the vaccine injection is prepared? (2 points)
    • Name one item in the Timeline that most catches your attention and say why. (5 points)
  • Provide an APA7 reference (Links to an external site.) for the online news article. (5 points)

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