Who’s singing, who’s the band leader, who plays what instrument?

Part 1 (1-2 pages)

Provide a historical perspective of your chosen song. Your perspective must be thoroughly researched and must cover the following points. Because and be sure that you are writing about the correct version of the song from the list provided.


Who wrote this song?

Who recorded this song?

    1. Who are the members of any ensemble?
    2. Who’s singing, who’s the band leader, who plays what instrument?

What record company or publishing company was this written for?

What genre of music is this song and what makes it fall into that genre?

When was this song written, published and recorded?

Why was this song written?

    1. Was it a part of something or just a single?

How popular was this song, any appearance on any charts? Sales figures?

Are there other versions of this song? Covers?

Your interpretation of what the song is about (if there are lyrics)

Any other interesting facts that you come across


This part is to be researched and must include all relevant citations and a separate bibliography in an MLA format. (the bibliography does not apply towards the overall page count) This should be written in a narrative form and not as bullet points.


Part 1 should be double spaced using 1 inch margins with no headers. Your paper must be uploaded to blackboard as a .doc format

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