Who is as heroic as Dr. Rieux in The Plague? Please choose one character that you deem to be a positive model in the novel. Feel free if you would like to find another figure other than these main characters. 
1. Joseph Grand, the city clerk.
2. Raymond Rambert, the journalist who got stuck in Oran.
3. Father Paneloux, the priest. (Video 6:30)
4. Jean Tarrou, the businessman and organizer.

Please post your view (300 words). No need to feedback.

Rubric of Grading: 
1. Your main post of view has to be a paragraph, defined as 4-6 sentences.
2. Your main post must express clearly your view. Cannot be vague. 
3. Deduction will be made in case of uncivil comments. Ad hominem.

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