While working in the office of the Under Secretary for Policy, DHS, your supervisor asks you to conduct a brief analysis of the Homeland Security organization and its activities since 9/11. He wants you to provide credible evidence that supports whether or not you feel that, given its size and makeup, the organization is effective or not. He also asks you to outline at least three organizational changes or improvements that you would recommend and your reasoning for these recommendations. You decide that you will start by taking a look at the current DHS organization chart and the depth and breadth of its responsibilities. You will review some of the more significant DHS events such as the response to Hurricane Katrina, the “virtual fence” project along our southern border, and border security in general, TSA effectiveness at our airports, DHS-established fusion centers for information sharing, and immigration enforcement. 

  • What three recommendations will you present to your supervisor?
  • What credible evidence will you include to support your recommendations?
  • No less than 1 page

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