When it came to my concern about whether I could be successful at writing, I was relieved to find that Walden University offers a writing center.

Respond one of your colleagues’ posts by offering a possible resolution to their  questions/concerns with supporting documentation, if possible, or  expanding on their thinking and providing an example as support.

at least 2 references in each peer responses!  You must do this to receive  maximum points!

The most difficult question for me to answer when starting a master’s program was – did I make the right choice? After being accepted and following through with the admission process, it became clear that advancing my career was necessary in order to become a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner to fulfill my aspirations in life. Although after being accepted to Walden, a whole new bundle of questions arose. How do I manage my personal life, time for self-care, work, and now reserving time for academics? Aside from the time management aspect, I question my strength at writing papers, especially when it comes to writing in APA format.

After posing these questions, I began searching for ways in which to be successful at both time management and successful writing tips. I gained insight by asking colleagues that I had listed in my academic success plan about time management and tips for APA writing. I also researched ways in which to be successful in an online Master’s program. According to Kelsey Sheehy, a contributor to US News, success in online programs “requires discipline, commitment, and organization” (2012). Sheehy went on to suggest that planning and setting aside time for course work helps to maintain a balance between work, family, and course work (2012). Having persistence and self- efficacy will also be imperative in maintaining success as an online learner alongside my ability to plan each week (“10 Traits of a Successful Online Learner” 2019). It is evident that to maintain a healthy balance of all areas of my life, I must prioritize planning as part of my success.

When it came to my concern about whether I could be successful at writing, I was relieved to find that Walden University offers a writing center. The writing center provides support when it comes to writing APA papers. Being able to utilize this resource before becoming overwhelmed will give me better control over my learning (Kauffman, 2015). The school writing center offers live webinars, as well as the ability to schedule appointments to address questions I have regarding APA allows me to feel more confident about my writing abilities. Having resources and support with my writing questions ultimately helps me feel more confident that I can be successful within my Master’s program.

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