What impact did the Renaissance have on European exploration?

The purpose of this assignment is to write a 5‐page (1000‐1250 words approx.) single‐authored essay based on any (1) one of the topics listed below. You may also choose a topic not listed below, but consult with me in advance beforehand. (Please refer to the Essay Rubric for details regarding the evaluation).

The essay must employ at least three (3) academic sources other than the course textbook and readings. Academic sources include books and academic journal articles (see “Notes on Research” below for details). Book reviews, magazine articles, or websites are not appropriate for this assignment. You should also read about your topic in the course readings before conducting research. 1. Use a standard page layout, as found in Word or other programs, and double space. Margins should be no wider than the default settings (usually 1.25 inches).

Do not skip lines in between paragraphs and use a standard 12‐point font, such as Times New Roman or Arial. 2. Number the pages. 3. Use a proper citation system with both in text‐citations and a separate Bibliography/Works Cited/References page. 4. You are free to use any citation system you are comfortable with, including APA, but use the same system consistently and accurately throughout the paper.

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