What does Orenstein mean when she says young men feel cut off from their hearts? What does she suggest is the cause of this? How accurate are the issues Orenstein describes? 

Be sure to embed quotations from the article in your response.


Reading Response (1)Reading Response (1)CriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a learning outcomeContent• sophisticated in both statement and insight shows command of tasks required by assignment and course materials • ideas original, incorporating what can be inferred from close reading of the text and not simply stating the obvious • essay controlled by clear, precise, well-defined thesis40 pts
This criterion is linked to a learning outcomeEvidence & Organization• thoroughly analyzes the story • well-chosen examples • uses quotations effectively • causal connections between writers’ ideas and quotations are evident • essay is formatted MLA style . specific, debatable thesis organizes essay30 pts
This criterion is linked to a learning outcomeCorrectness & Grammar• uses sophisticated sentences effectively • writes in formal, academic style with no personal (1st person) or informal (2nd person) pronouns • observes conventions of Standard Written English and manuscript format • makes few minor grammatical errors30 pts
Total points: 100 


‘Boys & Sex’ Reveals That Young Men Feel ‘Cut Off From Their Hearts’

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