Week 3 Assignment: Working Capital & Financing Course Name FINC

Week 3 Assignment: Working Capital & Financing 

Course Name FINC 300: Foundations of Financial Management 

Analysis the following:

  • Exercise 1 and from Chapter 11 on page 198 of the textbook.
  • Exercise 1 from Chapter 12 on page 213 of the textbook

The detailed solutions for the exercises above are in the Excel file (FINC300 Student Homework Solutions) attached. You will be analyzing each exercise in 300-350 words. 

Your part in completing the assignment is to demonstrate an understanding and application of the concepts covered. 

For example, assess the purpose of the calculations and results. How does it help the company’s financial strategy? What changes could be made? Discuss anything else pertinent to the exercise. 

Integrate 2-3 external references (in addition to the book) to support your thoughts. 

Format according to APA 7.0. Organize with level headings. Use templates (7th APA Reference 2020 & Student template APA 7th) attached for APA guidance. 

Assignment will automatically be submitted to Turnitin

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