Watch the “Unhappy Customer” video. What is the most important

  • Watch the “Unhappy Customer” video.  What is the most important element of this case study specific to customer lifetime value (CLV) and long term customer loyalty?  Provide a rationale for your answer. (TRANSCRIPT IS ATTACHED TO READ)
  • Search the Internet for an article that supports your position on customer service and post the link in your discussion, using APA or SWS formatting, for everyone to read.

Here is this week’s voting opportunity

As a follow-up to the hot dog versus hot dog bun debate, here is the latest.  Oscar Mayer has stepped up to offer a special two hot dog bun package to even the numbers of the hot dog versus bun.

Are they thinking about the Customer Lifetime Value of their customers, much like we are in the discussion this week?  Have they listened to their customers to help develop greater brand loyalty?  Or, are they just trying to leverage this public relations opportunity?

Your vote – does this effort make you think MORE POSITIVELY about the brand or LESS POSITIVELY about the brand?  Cast your votes in the discussion (and don’t forget to complete the Unhappy Customer discussion too!)

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