Watch the Great Depression Documentary on Youtube and do some search to find the answers for the following questions.

Video Links on YouTube:

The Crash of 1929 and the Great Depression (PBS Documentary)

Part 1 of 6:

Parts 2-6 should come up automatically. If not, please search. 

Milton Friedman (the father of monetary policy) on the role of the Fed during the Great Depression:

Type your answers, leave one line space between your answer and the next question. Highlight your answers in light gray like this sentence.

1- What month and year did the Great Depression start?

2- Approximately how long did it last? (in years)

3- What was the approximate unemployment rate during the period?

4- What were the two most important causes of the Crash? Please don’t confuse it with its effects. High unemployment is the effect, not the cause.

5- Which US president is most associated with the Great Depression?

6- What did his administration do to help the nation out of the Great Depression?

7- What did the Federal Reserve System (the Fed), as the monetary authority of the United States, do during the Great Depression to help the nation out of the crisis?

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