Visit the following website at: and review the following links on the Navigation Menu:

o    Terrorist Behavior

o    Terrorism vs Insurgency

o    State Sponsored Terrorism

o    Goals & Motivation

o    Terrorist Incidents

o    Terrorist Groups

o    Future of Terrorism

o    Cyber Terrorism

(1) Identify and discuss the content of each of the link(s) from the above listing that you find to be most revealing or enlightening AND

(2) Clearly detail what specific information in each link’s content that caused you to select and discuss that link.

ALWAYS CONSTRUCT your initial weekly input to include the use of APA style and format in-text citations in the body of your minimum 250-word initial posts and list the connected APA style and format References identifying the provided source website (s) and document(s) at the end of your initial post each week no later than Thursday at 11:59 PM Eastern for potential maximum points. Also remember to provide feedback to at least two classmates each week no later than Sunday at 11:59 PM Eastern each week. Address your classmates respectfully and courteously when providing feedback to your classmates. Do not post your input as attachments on the Discussion Board. 

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