Using the organization that you selected (Rhino Foods, ), the resources of this week, and extended exploration for this assignment, construct an integrated strategic cybersecurity approach that you can present to the board of your selected organization.

Pay particular attention to including current needs plus an emphasis on a strategy that could optimize outcomes for the next five years. Consider changes in the use of information, products, processes, people, external parties, changes in information assets, threats, and vulnerabilities. Also, consider changes in the nature of the organization. Your objective is not to describe in detail all of these changes, but to incorporate the results of these changes within your strategic cybersecurity approach. The focus is on the integrated nature of these diverse influences. You would provide the detail of your approach, supported by citations, and brief details regarding the changes and current needs. Emphasize the integrated strategy rather than the granular detail of technology and related items. Your use of critical thinking and synthesis would be important elements in your success. You should Include pertinent images and tables that you have created.

References: at least 12 scholarly sources published within the last five years.

Length: no less than 4000 words.

Reading Resources:

Alina, C. M., Cerasela, S. E., & Gabriela, G. (2017). Internal audit role in cybersecurity. Ovidius University Annals, Series Economic Sciences, 17(2)

Schneider, F. B. (2018). Impediments with policy interventions to foster cybersecurity. Communications of the ACM, 61(3), 36-38

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Zhao, J., & Zhao, S. Y. (2015). Security and vulnerability assessment of social media sites: An exploratory study.

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