Unit:  Multimedia Design for Adult Learners 

 16–20 PPT slides, outside of the title or reference slides 

As the training manager in your current (or future) organization, you  have been asked to develop offsite training events for those employees  unable to travel to the company’s training campus. However, senior  leadership has concerns as to the safety and security of those employees  attending offsite training events. 

Senior leadership has asked you to prepare a presentation that  describes how you will ensure the safety and security of the employees  at these offsite training events.

  • Create a PowerPoint presentation (16–20 slides) explaining the  safety and security procedures to support the offsite training event.  
  • Include visual components to add meaning and context to the written/spoken word.  
  • Include multimedia components such as video, audio, images,  graphics, and animation to facilitate the transfer of learning by  supporting multiple modes of learning.  
  • Complete the Notes section on each slide with the scripted portion (narration) of your presentation. 

4 references on reference page !!!!!!!!!!!!NO PLAGARISIM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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