Total of 4 pages Business Outline (1 page) NYC Restaurant

Total of 4 pages 

Business Outline (1 page)

NYC Restaurant 

Business Topic Outlines


(All these following steps should be written in bullets, to have a sort of elements to start the plan for

an attainable Business Project).

  1. Explain your project’s OBJECTIVE in no more than seven or eight bulleted lines-use phrases. [include the feasibility of making your project approachable in an specifically, measurably, attainably. realistically, timely, and with a sensibility analysis (having, containing, or indicative of good sense in a rational and reasonable form) in a real economy]
  2. Determine and limit THE SCOPE (space and/or opportunity for your projected business activity) in no more than two or three phrased-bulleted-lines
  3. List the selected RESOURCES you are going to use in your project (This is the initiation of your monetary budget to submit in throughout your presentation: initial capital, operational capital, financing, equipment, space-building-renting, overhead expenses, people-staffing, time tables.
  4. seasonal trends, and others aspects or measurements)
  5. Make a list of ASSUMPTIONS to provide a feasible, approachable, realistic, and attainable project.
    [include (a) time constrains; and (b) political, societal, economic, legal, environmental, marketing, and other possible factors which are of importance or affecting, or related to your project]
  6. List of steps you will follow to IMPLEMENT the project. 
  7. Make a list of the steps to follow the CONTROL AND EVALUATION of your project

3 page business proposal base on the outline

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