TLO Project: Mae Ngai’s The Lucky Ones is the story of an exceptional Chinese American family. You may have encountered the Tape family previously since the court case involving their eldest daughter (Tape v. Hurley) is famous. The book includes the case, of course, and goes beyond that to show the ways that the lives of the Tapes intersected with, and sometimes stood apart from, major currents in Chinese American history and United States history. The book is an easy read that offers rich rewards and scholarly insights. In this project you (or a team) will prepare some thing that builds on the readings or augments the readings.  You might choose to make an interactive family tree, to create a game, a slideshow, a song, or any thing that grows out of the text or helps readers interpret the text. The project can focus on the entire book, a chapter, or even a section. There are standard choices, of course, like a chapter poster or a detailed outline of the text. I do encourage you to be creative both for your own sake and because project should not significantly duplicate the work of other project (you can determine this in the blog).

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