Throughout this course, there are many different learning aids available

Throughout this course, there are many different learning aids available to assist you with understanding the material. Watch the Introduction to Learning Tools video here, and practice using the tools within your Unit I Homework Assignment. You may access a copy of the transcript by clicking on this link. (v) What learning tools do think will be the most beneficial? (vi) Why?



I don’t know what my future goals are yet! I have a few opportunities within my company opening up and I am unsure of what I want to do! 

The learning tools that I think will be the most beneficial are the videos and the skill builder. 

I am just recently familiarizing myself with online learning. Watching the videos will make it seem more traditional like in-class learning. Skill builder will be beneficial because sometimes the pressure of a graded assignment makes me lose my thought processes, so having the capability to step back and work out a problem to make sure that I am doing it correctly will be nice. 

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