This is an individual written assignment (1 page, single-spaced) to

This is an individual written assignment (1 page, single-spaced) to be submitted via Canvas-Turnitin. You will answer specific question(s) provided by the instructor. There are few (if any) absolute “right” answers to the questions (although, there are wrong answers). If you are able to demonstrate knowledge of the required concepts, consider all of the facts, and justify your answer, you are probably moving toward an excellent analysis.

In this assignment you have to choose one company from Fortune 500 list (Links to an external site.), explore its website, and answer to the following:

Identify six (6) of the company’s resources, distinguishing three (3) tangible and three (3) intangible ones.
Applying the VRIO model, rank the resources by their potential to be sources of sustainable competitive advantages.
Give a succinct explanation about the criteria you used to establish the ranking.
Guidelines for Written Work
Written assignments will be graded on content and style. Factors that contribute to (or detract from) the quality of a report:

Organization and clarity: Use appropriate headings and subheadings.
Precision: Do not ramble just to fill paper.
Logical consistency.
Rigor and thoroughness: Consider all the facts of the case, before making a conclusion.
Application of class concepts: Integrate your analyses or review with class material.
Grammar and spelling.
Cleanliness and formatting.
All written assignments must be typed with 1 inch margins (top, bottom, sides). No assignments will be accepted past the due date. 

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