This guide supplements the information provided in the syllabus. Refer

 This guide supplements the information provided in the syllabus. Refer to the syllabus for the main content guidelines. Purpose of Comments & Critiques Forum Posts

 • These forum posts are an opportunity for you to showcase your critical thinking and research method skills as they relate to child development research and practice •

 Understanding how child development researchers work is important to understanding where early childhood curriculum and developmental milestones come from and how research informs developmental practice 

• Good critical thinking is essential in the field of child development, even if you do not plan to be a researcher or clinician. If you work in the field of child development, education, or other related fields, parents may see you as an expert and may turn to you to help them understand research or internet articles, especially as there is a lot of conflicting and confusing information out there

 • While good research can help children’s healthy development, bad or pseudoscientific information can hurt or damage children’s development. Knowing good research and being able to think about research and claims in a critical way can help you point families toward rigorous research and steer them away from pseudoscience 

  Explain “why” these are strengths in your own words 

 “why” and “why it matters” sections of your strengths and limitations 

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