This assignment is two parts, initial response and replies to

This assignment is two parts, initial response and replies to two classmates. Both are Due today at 9pm. Only place bid if you are interested in helping me with the replies or responses later. If that has to be a separate post, I will pay for it.


This week’s module covers a variety of economic crimes.  Over the last few weeks, more information has come to light regarding Walgreens in San Francisco publicly claiming that excessive shoplifting and their inability to control property loss has forced them to close several stores in San Francisco.

Here is a link to a recent article on the issue: (Links to an external site.)

There is audio discussion of many of the topics covered in the article about half-way through the article.  Here is a direct link to that audio link: (Links to an external site.)

For this discussion I don not have a single specific question. Instead, I want to broaden the focus to the issues in the article that stood out to you personally/academically.  So, you will more generally reflect on the article, but also please as usual try to integrate some issues from our textbook chapter into your response.  As usual, don’t forget to reply to 2 other students.  This is your last discussion of the semester!

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