The military dramatically affects the mental health of service members by service members not having the proper leadership support, service members not knowing how to reintegrate with society after deployment, and by the military culture towards injured service members.

Write a counterargument paragraph (7 or more sentences) and rebuttal paragraph (7 or more sentences) for the thesis posted above in 250 words or more.

  1. One paragraph will be the antithetical paragraph, offering a view that opposes yours. This is your counterargument paragraph. Ease your reader into the paragraph. Maintain your identity as the writer who supports your stance. You might start your counterargument something like this, “There are some who feel this view on ________ is flawed. They say that _________ …”
  2. The second paragraph will be the reinforcement of your thesis, addressing the objections identified in the counterargument paragraph.  This is your rebuttal. Make the transition from counterargument to rebuttal a smooth one. You can use wording like this to get into your rebuttal: “While some objections have been made regarding _________, the case for _________ is still a strong one.”

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