The impact of internet in radicalization of terrorists


 Here are some info about the dissertation that would help you in writing the methodology: The research aims to investigate the impact of internet in radicalization of terrorists. The main focus of the research is ISIS and al Qaeda terrorist organisations as they have been the most active terror organisations within the past decade. There are many media reports, articles and information online that would be of great help for conducting the research.

I will use secondary data available on the Rand Database of Worldwide Terrorism Incidents ( ) and the Global Terrorism Database (, as well as media reports, articles and journals. Gaining access to those who are convicted of terrorism and conducting interviews with them is extremely challenging, so I will rely on existing literature and secondary data related to the research topic. Research Questions How does potential terrorists (ISIS and AlQaeda ) use internet to communicate with others? How does such communications play a role in radicalizing individuals? What online strategies do ISIS and ALQaeda use to recruit people? Could the internet be the only mean of recruiting individuals, get them radicalized and trigger them to act? What are the similarities and differences between how ISIS and Al Qaeda use the internet to radicalise and recruit their respective fighters? 

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