The Hydrogen Economy

 Assignment Activity – develop an A0-sized poster that identifies whether there is a route to create a hydrogen economy within the Humberside region. – You will need to identify suitable and sustainable hydrogen production routes from existing or new infrastructure. Choose one of the following considering it will be viable: 1- Biomass – derived liquid reforming 2- Electrolysis 3- Biomass gasification 4- Thermochemical water splitting 5- Photoelectrochemical water splitting 6- Photobiological processes 7- Microbial biomass conversion – You must consider the primary energy source, production method, product storage, transmission and applications (“current and future market”) – suggest ways to rationalise how this may be economically viable. You may approach this topic either from the perspective of a single chemical company (e.g. BP), or as a network of chemical companies (e.g. Saltend Chemicals Park). In general, Poster should have the following titles: – Primary Energy source – Green houses Gases – Economically Viable – Transmission and Application – Product Storage – Production Methods – Objectives – Scope – References

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