The guidelines have been divided into the following steps:

Step One: **Choose a specific policy from one of the following categories.•Economic policy (U.S. budget deficit spending, etc.)•Education policy (Common Core, ESSA, etc.)•Environmental policy (i.e., Clean Air Act, etc.)•Foreign Policy (trade agreements, etc.)•Healthcare Policy (ACA, etc.)•Welfare Policy (TANF, etc.)Step 2:  Select TWO examples of legislation, executive orders (or similar executive policy), or judicial decisions which correspond to your chosen public policy.•To find your two examples, review the official websites of the three branches of U.S. government:  The White House, Congress, and the Supreme Court.•White House:•United States Congress:•Supreme Court: 3 Address the following for your two examples of executive, legislative, or judicial actions•Your goal is to consider how your two selections have benefited / helped OR hindered your chosen public policy topic.•Summarize the executive, legislative, and/or judicial actions.•Address how these two examples inform, or correspond to, the public policy cycle?Looking forward to your posts 

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