The Dark Ages: World History Crash Course #14 1. The


The Dark Ages: World History Crash Course #14

1. The period between ________ and _______________ is often called the ________________________ in Europe because it came between the Roman Empire and the beginning of the modern age.  And it’s sometimes called the Dark Ages because it was purportedly ________________________.

2. What is feudalism?

3. How was feudalism an economic system in addition to the political system described above?

4. Regarding Islam in the Dark Ages, the Umayyad Dynasty was overthrown in _________ and was replaced by the ______________________.  They moved the capital to Baghdad and were welcoming of _________________________________ into positions of power.

5. The “golden age” of Islamic learning was centered in Baghdad.  What were five accomplishments of this time-period you found to be the most interesting?

6. Meanwhile, China was experiencing a golden age of its own where it ruled over _______________________________ across four million square miles.

7. What necessitated the Chinese inventing the use of paper money?

8. By the 11th century, the Chinese were writing down their recipe for a mixture of saltpeter, sulfur, and charcoal that we now know as ________________________.

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