The Assignment 

1.Begin by identifying your target child needs from the anecdotal record assignment, reference to the NC Foundations of Early Learning and Development (NC FELD) 

2.Create a developmentally appropriate lesson plan  

3.Use the attached forms to complete the plans.Grading CriteriaThe summary is graded on a 100 point scale 

********(USE Children+Learning doc for same child to finish observation)

Grading criteria

  1. 0-10 points for given the child’s name, age, date, and time
  2. 0-10 points for materials and supplies that support learning
  3. 0 – 10 points for listing specific Developmental Indicators
  4. 0-10 points Group Time, Story Time, Small Group Activity are developmentally appropriate and supports learning.
  5. 0-10 points for goals listed from NC Foundations for Early Learning and Development.
  6. 0-10 points Planning Form materials list is complete and items support learning.
  7. 0-10 points activities support the Goals and Developmental Indicators listed.
  8. 0-10 points for Extension activities that are appropriate and detailed.
  9. 0-10 points for 3 open-ended questions that support deeper learning.
  10. 0-10 points for spelling and grammar.

ResourcesSee sample forms under Resources>Useful Links for this Class>Lesson Planning Assistance.Use the attached document to complete your assignment. Link to NC Foundations for Early Learning and Development NCFELD

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