Take a virtual trip to the Yale Art Gallery in New Haven, CT!  For this assignment, your job is to navigate their site and search for an appropriate artifact from their collections (Jewish and Early Christian from their Dura Europos collection).  Choose an item (or items if you want to explore more than one!), and write an essay about it.  Observe its traits, identify the origin, and interpret its execution in regards to the time’s artistic tendencies.  Illustrate your knowledge of the art by evaluating an artifact of your liking:

Analyze your object formally, speculate on how you think it was made, and explain how it meets the aesthetic criteria of its respective era.

Please include a picture and citation of the piece you chose to write about. All papers should be 1 ½ – 2 pages (of text).

 Work on developing your formal analysis and explaining how this piece relates to other sculpture from the culture/era formally.  

  This paper should include a statement on why this particular piece appealed to you and why you selected it, a formal analysis of the piece (which is a personal evaluation) and finally an explanation of how this piece matches up with some of the larger, aesthetic concerns 

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