Tackling Youth Gangs and Violence

Topic Proposal – 2-3 brief paragraphs describing the topic you’ve selected, with a list of at least 4 scholarly sources in APA format. Absolutely no blogs, wiki sources, etc.

These sources need to be included in your works cited page at the end in APA format. Your topic proposal needs to be at least 1-2 pages in length in APA format. Discuss what topic you’ve selected to write about and why. Historical Background – This section of your paper will discuss a historical background on the topic you have selected to discuss. For example, if you selected a gang to center your research on such as the Bloods, you will give a historical background on the group.

If you selected a cause to discuss such as failed intervention attempts for gang suppression, you will discuss the historical data and information associated with that. This section will be approximately 3-4 paragraphs long. Be sure to use factual information from credible, scholarly sources. Theoretical Explanation – In this section of your paper, you should analyze why the gang phenomenon exists. Please note that not every student is going select a group to center their research on. The point of this section is to discuss a theory on why the issue is occurring. Give as much factual information utilizing the sources you’ve selected. Your theoretical explanation should be approximately 3-4 paragraphs long in APA format. Be sure to use factual information from credible, scholarly sources. Analysis and Recommendation Here, you will give an analysis and recommendation on what you would do to help eradicate or fix the problem (create organizations, propose new laws, other means of intervention and suppression etc.). Based off of the sources you selected, and the material given in class, formulate an educated recommendation on how to combat the issue you have selected.

This section should be 2-3 paragraphs. Be sure to use factual information from credible, scholarly sources. Final Paper – Now that you have completed each section of your paper, make revisions, and piece them all together (** DO NOT include the annotated bibliography in your final product)** The idea is that when I pick up your paper to read it, I should be able to learn about issue you selected and understand the recommendations and analysis you give as if I have had no prior knowledge on the matter. As mentioned above, this final product will be at least 5-6 pages long, in APA format. When you put your entire paper together, please keep the following guidelines in mind: Though you may use the same sources in multiple sections of the paper, you must use a minimum of 6 sources for your entire assignment. Given the nature of this assignment, some sources might ne non-traditional such as various government organization web pages that provide current statistical information). If you have concerns about the source, contact me! ALL sources need to be cited properly utilizing APA format

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