Stress is present in our daily lives, it is described

Stress is present in our daily lives, it is described as a negative emotional experience followed by expected biochemical, psychological, cognitive, and behavioral changes. Some stressor examples are money, the economy, work, family, health problems, and family responsibilities. Every person has a different tolerance and reaction for each, what might provoke stress for some, might not do much to others. The consequences of a person’s appraisal process is labeled as appraisal of stressors stress and there are multiple methods for such. First is the primary appraisal which is the process of understanding what is happening and what it will mean, sometimes what we perceive as the end of the world might give a new incentive on a new project which can lead to a more favorable outcome. Another method is the second appraisal which assess the capability of one’s self to meet the demands needed, if the person feels like they are not enough, a challenge feeling will appear which would push the person to work harder for the wanted results.

Balancing out work with family roles is one of the most challenging phases that a person goes through as an adult. Spending most of part of your day dealing with stressors at work to then come back to your home responsibilities can make it hard for you to juggling one from the other. Managing multiple roles makes it even more difficult when both roles are heavy. Having many responsibilities at once can also influence one’s health like high levels of cortisol, higher cardiovascular reactivity, more home strain, and increased conflict with children specially for men. Combining parenthood and employment can also benefit well being, be protective for mental health and social roles. 

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