Specific Audience Report: Disciplinary Action Correspondence A long-time employee has had several infractions that have been overlooked for many years.  You, as a new manager/ supervisor in charge of implementing new company policies, are tasked  with speaking with her because the long-time employee’s actions, which are in direct violation of  the old and new policies of your company. While her behavior had been overlooked based upon  the previous manager’s relationship with her and the informal leadership style of the previous manager/ supervisor, you are tasked, as the new manager, to provide a written response to correct  her actions.  In an email, letter, or memorandum, you must address three major issues; here they are: 1) Extreme and offensive body odor;  2) Gossip; and 3) Misuse and/ or abuse of company time and resources.  You must be concise, as this communication must be only one page in length; the font must be  12 point, Times New Roman, and you have to ensure you have no grammar or spelling errors, as  this is an official company writing; 

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