Select a prospectus of your choice. It must be no more than five years old and describing an issue that is domiciled in Kuwait. You are asked to read the prospectus and answer in your own words the following:

1-     Describe the issuance, the investment banker, what is the money to be used for. (1-2 paragraphs)

2-     What type of issuance is it, private placement, public offering, capital raise, etc..

3-     Provide in one paragraph description on the issuer and track record.

4-     What do you believe the risks involved in this particular issuance? ( 1 paragraph)

5-     If you are a potential investor reviewing this issuance, you would invest or not? Explain why in a paragraph.

6-     Provide a link to the prospectus.

7-      Assignment should written for your own words.

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