Rodrigo Diaz, El Cid Rodrigo decides, after a while, to


Rodrigo Diaz, El Cid

Rodrigo decides, after a while, to make himself as loyal to King Alfonso as possible; meaning that even when he was in exile, he kept the feeling or the decision that if the opportunity presented itself and Alfonso wanted him back, Rodrigo was ready to serve him. 

This did not stop Rodrigo from contradicting Alfonso whenever he felt that Rodrigo was wrong.

While we lack all of the facts of Spanish history, of what happens years after the story, in the kingdom at Castile, with Alfonso, but based on as much as is in the story, do you think that Rodrigo was right to stay loyal to Alfonso over all those years? Or should Rodrigo have abandoned his support of Alfonso much sooner, either because Alfonso did not treat him well, or because — possibly — Alfonso was an imperfect king? 

Choose a position on this question and make a good case of support.

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