Respond to at least one colleagues’ post with a comment


Respond to at least one colleagues’ post with a comment on the presentation and interpretation of their analysis. In your response, address the following questions:

  1. Was the presentation of results clear? If so, provide some specific comments on why. If not, provide constructive suggestions.
  2. Are you able to understand how the results might relate back to positive social change? Do you think there are other aspects of positive social change related to the results?

This my classmate post


The two variables I chose for this week discussion are the respondents who have the highest degree of education and respondents who either rent home or own a home. To determine the frequency distributions amongst the two different variables, Frankfort-Nachmias et, al. 2020 describes central tendency as the numbers that describe what is the average of the respondents. There are three types of central tendencies which are mean, mode, and median. The mode is defined as the central tendency that has the highest frequency, the median is defined as the central tendency that takes the lowest frequency and highest frequency and can be divided to get the median, and the mean is the central tendency that adds up all the frequencies and divide it by the total number. The continuous variable for this week are the respondents who have the highest degree of education which is located by the histogram icon in the frequency box. Below the mean is identified as 1.50, the median is 1.00, and the mode is 1. The better measure to use for the respondents for the highest degree should be the mean because the mean is best used for “the average such as income, age, and education” (Frankfort-Nachmas,2020).  The standard deviation is 1.123. I would describe this data that people are more interested in finishing high school and are not worried about pursuing a degree from higher education institution. The questions that might help social change would be what is the reason respondents do not want to obtain a higher education? Are the teachers teaching in high school preparing the kids enough for college? Or what can we do as teachers and healthcare leaders to push the need of students to obtain a higher education?



N Valid 510

Missing 0

Mean 1.50

Median 1.00

Mode 1

Std. Deviation 1.123

Skewness .837

Std. Error of Skewness .108

Kurtosis -.252

Std. Error of Kurtosis .216

Range 4

Minimum 0

Maximum 4


Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative Percent

Valid LT HIGH SCHOOL 66 12.9 12.9 12.9

HIGH SCHOOL 278 54.5 54.5 67.5

JUNIOR COLLEGE 49 9.6 9.6 77.1

BACHELOR 80 15.7 15.7 92.7

GRADUATE 37 7.3 7.3 100.0

Total 510 100.0 100.0

For the categorical tendency, I chose does the respondent own a home or rent a home. In the SPSS table you can locate the categorical tendency by the three circle icon to the left of the variable name listed in the frequency box. Because we are requesting in categorical tendency, there is no need to determine the mean, median, mode, or the standard deviation. Instead I decide to create my graph which will show that 351 people own or rent a home. Of the 351 people, 228 own their home and 116 are renting their home. 159 people have failed to respond or answer the question as to if they own or rent their home. The data shows me that people are working on buying a home and are more interested in buying a home rather an renting a home. The question that might help social change would be what fears do renters have when purchasing a home? what are their reasons for renting?



N Valid 351

Missing 159


Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative Percent

Valid OWN OR IS BUYING 228 44.7 65.0 65.0

PAYS RENT 116 22.7 33.0 98.0

OTHER 7 1.4 2.0 100.0

Total 351 68.8 100.0

Missing IAP 158 31.0

DK 1 .2

Total 159 31.2

Total 510 100.0


Frankfort-Nachmias, C., Leon-Guerrero, A., & Davis, G. (2020). Social statistics for a diverse society (9th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Laureate Education (Producer). (2016d). Descriptive statistics [Video file]. Baltimore, MD: Author.

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