Reading Review: 10% worth 100 points. Due on Wednesday March 24, 2021 via Turnitin. You are responsible for doing a two-page review on one of three assigned readings on U.S-Latin American Relations: 1820s-1930s. Choose ONE (ONLY ONE) of the following three readings found in Canvas Readings:

Please summarize the topic of the reading and the author’s arguments, thereafter, provide your own analysis using these questions as guidelines: What was the data and evidence used by the author to support his arguments being made? Was the article it informative why or why not? Was the data or evidence used biased, why or why not? Is there anything about the reading that you agree and/or disagree with? Why do you agree/disagree? Finally, what are your observations on the reading?

Provide as much detail drawn from the article and use quotes to illustrate your discussion on the topic. 

Follow the format for written assignments: Put your name, course, professor, date on the assignment. Use Times New Roman Font 12, & Double Space.

Please proof read! Spelling and grammatical errors stunt the power of the arguments made in your paper. 

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