Questions: For the passage below, What is the claim being made?  List


For the passage below, What is the claim being made? 

List the three main reasons the author gives.

Describe the fallacies in each of the author’s reasoning.  List the name of any fallacy found, along with describing why it shows an error in reasoning.


The surgeon general has overstepped his bounds by recommending that explicit sex education begin as early as third grade.  It is obvious that he is yet another victim of the AIDS hysteria sweeping the nation.  Unfortunately, his media-influenced announcement has given new life to those who favor explicit sex education — even to the detriment of the nation’s children.Sexuality has always been a topic of conversations reserved for the family.  Only recently has sex education been forced on young children.  The surgeon general’s recommendation removes the role of the family entirely.  It should be up to parents to explain sex to their children in a manner with which they are comfortable.  Sex education exclusive of the family is stripped of values or any sense of morality, and should thus be discouraged.  For years families have taken the responsibility of sex education, and that’s the way it should remain.Sex education in schools encourages experimentation.  Kids are curious. Letting them in on the secret of sex at such a young age will promote blatant promiscuity.  Frank discussions of sex are embarrassing for children, and they destroy the natural modesty of girls.

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