Question 1: The patterns for disease in the United States

Question 1:
     The patterns for disease in the United States have changed since the twentieth century. Since the turn of the twentieth century there has been a decline in acute infectious disorders. This decline in caused by the improvement of public health standards. As acute infections disorders decline on the rise are preventable disorders. These preventable disorders such as, heart disease, some cancers, type 2 diabetes, and accidental injuries can be avoided. An effective tool used to counteract these preventable disorder is changing one’s lifestyle. Some simple things such as, no snacking, getting regular exercise for about thirty minutes a day, not smoking, and sleeping 7 to 8 hours a night. These simple habits have a major impact on prevention of these disorders. Altering one’s problematic health behaviors can increase their chances of avoiding preventable disorders.     

Question 3:
      Using the health belief model to explain Charles continued smoking habit even though he knows the warnings, can be broken down three ways. Charles is young, he may believe that his chances of getting a disorder due to smoking will not happen to him. He may not perceive the consequences of smoking as a serious matter. He may also not be too concerned with his health, there for not really caring too much about effects of smoking. Charles may also want to quiet but deep down he may feel he cannot. That will lead him to believe why even bother trying. The health belief model has three major areas. These areas center around a person’s general health values, specific beliefs about vulnerability and beliefs of severity of disorder. If these areas are of no concern, then center dangerous behaviors, such as smoking cannot be corrected. Which could be in the case of Charles.   


Taylor, S. (2017). Health Psychology (10th ed.). McGraw Hill.

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