PURPOSE OF THE PAPER In this final assignment of the Capstone



In this final assignment of the Capstone course, the student will use skills of inquiry gained in the baccalaureate nursing program to identify a clinical issue upon which nurses have the ability to resolve or have a positive impact. With a focus on the diversity of the individual as well as the variation of cultural values of a particular population, the student will develop a plan for addressing the clinical issue.


Each criterion listed below will serve as the major headings of this assignment.


• Offers a detailed description of the statement of purpose for the paper. 

• Identifies a clinical issue or problem drawn from one of the four main categories of the NCLEX-RN examination blueprint:

Assurance of a safe and effective care environment

Health promotion and maintenance of health 

Preservation of the patient population’s psychosocial integrity 

Preservation of the patient population ’s physiological integrity

• In this paper the student will provide a detailed description of the relationship between the category from the NCLEX-RN examination blueprint and the clinical issue.

• The reference to the NCLEX-RN examination blueprint found at the National Council of State Boards of Nursing website constitutes one scholarly reference. 


The student will describe the importance of the clinical issue to the health of a patient population. This discussion will include the potential negative effect of leaving the clinical issue unresolved.

Patient Population 

The student will describe the patient population that is impacted by the clinical issue. With a focus on the diversity of the human condition found within this patient population, the student will describe the influence that cultural values may have on the proposed solution.

Proposed Solution

The student will set the stage for proposing the best solution to the clinical problem by using appropriate evidence-based data and integrating data from peer-reviewed journal articles. In this paper, the student will: 

i. Propose a clear solution to the clinical problem that is supported by a minimum of three scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles. 

ii. ii. Expand on the ethical considerations when developing the plan.


i. Provides a thorough recap of the purpose of the plan to prevent or help to resolve the clinical issue.

ii.  ii. Includes a complete statement describing why addressing this clinical problem matters and to whom.

Writing Requirements

Length: 4 full pages excluding title and reference pages.

Minimum of 4 scholarly, peer-reviewed sources, including NCLEX-RN examination blueprint

Uses clear and correct grammar. 

Uses proper sentence structure and flow. 

Adheres to all APA formatting guidelines for title page, margins, and in-text citations.

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