project assignment so I only need to focus on three

project assignment so I only need to focus on three parts:


“Commons”:  Commons refers to areas or establishments in which people gather, socialize, spend leisure time, or use for recreation (e.g. walking, biking, and walking their dogs).  What are the most popular neighborhood hangouts and what subgroup(s) of the population are drawn to those particular places to hang out? Supportive data may include:

· The “closed” hang out places that may be unfriendly to strangers or newcomers? 

· Is there any gang activity?

· Popular bars or nightlife?

· Places that draw younger people (Jr. High, high school)?


Transportation: Include photos of cars, buses, trains, ferries, trolleys, bicycles, and pedestrians.  Photos of people utilizing the various types of transportation would be appropriate for your windshield survey.  Noting the safety measures (bike lanes, safe crosswalks, etc.) is helpful.   Which type(s) of transportation seems to be the most predominant in the community?  

· Is the public transportation accessible and provide good transportation options for community residents?

· Where is the closest/local airport?

· What are the major highways that are close to the area?


Health Status of the Community: Evaluate the vital health statistics for the area. For example, note what mortality rates are. And morbidity rates for chronic conditions in particular.  Is there a specific health problem with a high incidence/prevalence rate in the community or a health problem within the community related to the environment (e.g. a problem of air pollution and high community rates of respiratory infection)? Is there high risk of non -communicable disease (e.g. Lead exposure)? Are there high risks of communicable diseases? (e.g. Tuberculosis; Covid-19) 

For health status of the community, I did not find major information but I uploaded a file that is out to date, but can use page 40 to 42 of the little village quality of life pdf to guide in the research. Please write everything with supportive data 

I uploaded some picture and major information for that assignment

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