Project:- Airline Startup Project Brief AirAustralsia is a company looking

Project:- Airline Startup

Project Brief 

AirAustralsia is a company looking to establish a low-cost airline to cater for the Australasian market and is seeking a feasibility study to determine the feasibility of a supply chain is set up to support the business venture. 

The client is looking for consultants to provide a report bid critically discussing how they would produce a study that achieves the following:

A feasibility study providing a clear analysis of the supply chain required to support the setting up of a low-cost airline within the Australasian market, meeting the aims and objectives identified. 



Consultants need to produce an 8,400-word report outlining the main objectives of the study and the methods that would be employed – following the structure provided. In addition, an ‘A3 Report’ summarising the approach to this project needs to be provided. 

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