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2 hours agoTheresa Provenzano Unit 3, Discussion Prompt Option 2COLLAPSE

Unit 3, Discussion Prompt Option 2- real-life example

An example of CMO-S: Mom puts the baby to sleep and the baby goes to sleep. Then dad puts the baby to sleep and struggles. The baby has paired with sleep the way that mom has been doing it, so dad then tries to put the baby to sleep the same way that the mom does help the baby fall asleep.

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5 hours agoTonia Castilleja u03d1-Tonia CastillejaCOLLAPSE

I have decided to go with prompt #2 for this weeks discussion. In this discussion I will be sharing an example from my own life of a CMO-T and the behavior and value-altering effects they had on my behavior. In our Baily and Burch (2016) text it states, “When an environmental variable establishes the effectiveness of another event as a reinforcer or punisher, it is referred to as a CMO-T.”

My example is when guest come over which doesn’t happen often. My German Shepard gets so excited he tends to jump on them. So, we have to take him to another room. This is achieved by me asking one of the kids to call his name (Syrus) and stating, “you want a treat” he will then run to kitchen and get treat. This always works and we then put him in the room in the back of the house. In this example I believe the CMO-T is me asking the kids to call Syrus to kitchen and giving him a treat. This is to accomplish him jumping on guest as you can imagine he is no small dog.

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