Please complete Critical Thinking Assignment #12 found on the Fraud

 Please complete Critical Thinking Assignment #12 found on the Fraud Casebook in the text on page 406 on Al Capone 

 Al Capone 

Read the following articles or other related articles regarding the Al Capone case and then answer the questions below:

Sources: Jo

hn Madinger’s “Money Laundering: A Guide for Criminal Investigations” (CRC Taylor and Francis, 2006), pp. 117–134.  

The Associated Press, “Capone Dead at 48; Dry Era Gang chief,” January 26, 1947.  

Short Answer Questions 

1. Of what crime was Al Capone convicted?  

2. For income to be taxable, Should it be derived from legitimate sources, illegal sources, or both?  

3. Why was Al Capone not convicted of money laundering?  

4. What was the business that Al Capone admitted to having owned?  

5. How much money did the Capone organization earn in the 1930s? In terms of current U.S. dollars, how much did the organization earned (i.e., convert the 1930 amounts to today’s dollar amount)? 

6. How long was Al Capone sentenced to serve and in what famous prison?  

Discussion Questions 

1. Why is it difficult to convict organized crime leaders?  

2. While Al Capone was clearly the leader of his organization and benefited extensively, what enticed others to participate in his illegal activities?  

3. In Al Capone’s time, why would judges and law enforcement and other responsible parties ignore and condone his activities? Do persons in authority act similarly in today’s society (examples)?  

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