Please answer each question thoroushly. Research must be done where

Please answer each question thoroushly. Research must be done where applicable

Your grade is contingent the in-depthness of the responses given. The minimum/maximum length of this paper is four pages. Restate question and attach this paper after your ale page

  1. China is the hugest country in the world. You are thinking about marketing your product in their country. Your information must be current (NLT 2008). You are to conduct a COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS between China and the United States. You are to determine the population of China, the mean gross income, the gross national product (GNP). It is suggested that you display your information in a table format, however do not forget to cite your source
  2. Choose to countries iron Atrica and tvo countaice rom ass Conduct a

COMPARTATIVE ANALYSIS with inflation rates, interest rates, exchange rates in comparison with the United States., discuss the economic system of these countries, whether they are mixed economies, ets, discuss the economic slowdown and what factors could have contributed to it, discuss whether economies are moving towards private ownership and how.

  1. You are the owner of a tennis shoe company. Taken into consideration all of the issues presented in question 2, would you expand your market to the four countries in question 2? If so, what steps would you take relating to political policies, legal environment, behavioral practices, and economic environment to gain access

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