Pick a key passage from one of your Final Project

Pick a key passage from one of your Final Project sources. The passage should be relevant to your topic and thesis statement, something that you will be likely to use as evidence when you write your final paper. The passage you choose should also be at least 5 sentences long. Next, copy/paste this passage into the Template, place it inside quotation marks

Then, below your quoted passage, paraphrase the material in your own words and then include an in-text citation of the source at the end of your paragraph. Your paraphrase should be at least 2-3 sentences.  

Next, you will create a reference list for your Final Project using your 4 sources. Each source must be in proper APA format (pay close attention to the details like italics, commas, periods, and capitalization). In addition, make sure to properly format the reference list itself (pay close attention to your spacing, indentation, and alphabetization). No detail is too small for this exercise! Note: even when not required per APA, all sources should also include a URL or DOI listed at the end of your citation. 

NOTE: below are things to review prior to completing assignment. Template 4 is what is required for completion.


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APA In-Text Citations

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