Peer Review and Article Critique, One Page Each due in

 Peer Review and Article Critique, One Page Each due in 10 hours

I am sending all instructions as they are provided by the professor, In my last assignments she claims errors, I have attached comments. She also simplified the topic for the final paper coming up. I also will send a copy of the picture 

Child abuse and drug addiction literature review And article critique Are the 2 assignments   One page each/275 words double spaced 5 Sources, Undergraduate,  APA FORMAT

The topic for lit review Article  critique 1 page with sources 
Also, she says outline for lit review as well as review sources 
Apa guidelines 
Lit review rubric  must be filled out 
And the article critique example. I have attached the article  
Also, resources should be peer-reviewed for 2 yrs or less. 

She suggested for lit review topic to be “What are the origins of Microagressions in children

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