Peer response 100 minimum , you have to respond yo

Peer response 100  minimum , you have to respond yo peer based on this post to keep the discussion going. I have never heard of Microsoft Access or have even seen in on Microsoft Office as an option, so I did alot of ready and extra research to really understand. I also went to Microsoft Access on my computer to see for myself! I find it very interesting. Microsoft Access is a Database Management System (DBMS) from Microsoft that combines a graphical user interface with the relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine. It can be found in the professional and higher editions of the Microsoft Office software suite. 

I would use Microsoft Access if I work for a large company. It is said that many big companies use Access and only really the technical IT community uses Access. I would use it for in-depth analysis and reportings. At this point of my life though I don’t find Access useful just yet. 

Excel and Microsoft Access are quite similar but also very different. Some key areas where the two of them diverge is when they deal with text, numbers, files, and various types of data in AccessExcel. Typically, Microsoft Excel works with numerical data. One time and one location are used to store all the data.
There are several worksheets or documents that contain the same, repetitive material.

The following are the advantages of utilizing the MS Access application:

  • In just a few minutes, Access provides a relational database management system with complete functionality. 
  • Access makes it simple to import data from several sources. 
  • Access can be readily modified to suit individual and corporate requirements. 
  • Numerous Windows OS development languages and Access function well together. 
  • It can handle any difficult office or industrial database jobs and is strong and adaptable. 

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